White Bengal Cat BENGAL CAT DIET


It is important you know what and how to feed you Bengal if you want it in good health and shape.
The Bengal cat is carnivorous as well as domestic cats, so it is necessary to feed them foods high in protein. In order to be able to fully understand the Bengal cat’s diet it is advisable to look at the diet of its ancestors. The Asian leopard feeds mainly on meets such as birds, insects, and lizards.
Most cat food sold in supermarkets and local grocery stores contain less meat and more grain products such as rice, soy, and corn, companies often do this to reduce the cost of production. However, Bengal cats find it difficult to digest these products. It is advisable that their food contains high proteins and should be of high quality containing no grains. At Wild N Sweet Bengals, you can be assured that our kittens have the best quality diet free of grains “Go! Duck recipe”.


Offering Bengal cats quality raw meat is the best diet you can offer. Over the years, having tried several dry foods on different Bengal cats, we can say with conviction that raw meat is the best diet to give your Bengal cats. This is much better for their digestive systems and is easier to digest.
You can choose to buy good quality raw food, frozen food, or even prepared food for your Bengals at a local pet store or you might choose to prepare the food yourselves.
If an Adult Bengal cat is not accustomed to consuming raw meat, he will rarely like it. As thus it is advisable to choose its mode of feeding at an early age.


In order to avoid bacterial infections and any problems for your Bengal cat, be sure to handle the meat with the same precautions and care that you would use for yourself.

  • Give your Bengal cats products that have been produced according to strict hygiene criteria.
  • 48 hours after thawing the meat, it is no longer good!
  • After 1 hour at room temperature, you must throw away the remaining food that your cat has not eaten.

Here at Wild N Sweet Bengals, our kittens are fed only raw chicken meat recipe “simply chicken” twice a day. Canned food is also added (about 20%) to the raw meat to make it more delicious for the kittens. They love it and so does their digestive systems.
Our adult Bengals are fed grain-free dry food “Go! Duck recipe” and they are also fed “Simply Chicken” raw meat snacks as well. The combination of these two high quality foods is the best way to ensure optimal nutrition in the Bengals. The benefits will be felt by your cat and it is likely to live longer!