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bengal cat size. Jerry is a fantastic Silver Smoke male. We have been searching for such a stud for an extremely significant time-frame and discovered it in a brilliant cattery in Malaysia.

Jerry was born in the month of April , 2018. Under his dark panther shading skin hides a genetic treasure.we will have the option to create amazing rosettes out Silver hued cats. Jerry will have the option to create Silver, Charcoal and even Snow since he is a snow transporter to. bengal cat size bengal cat size.

About BENGAL’s

The Bengal is exceptionally healthy as a young, primordial cat breed. Nevertheless, a genetic disease was identified in 2011 that can lead to blindness during the first year of life through degeneration of the retina.

The best healthcare provision for Bengal cats is a species-appropriate food and annual check-up at the vet’s. Many hybrid breed owners give raw food, since numerous Savannahs and Bengals appear to be sensitive to industrial cat food and bacteria in the diet. In principle, high-quality prepared food in cans or trays provides your Bengal cat with everything it needs for a long, healthy life! If you opt for raw food, thorough familiarisation is key. With the right supplements and natural additions, you can ensure that your cat is fed very healthily.

As wild cats, Bengal cats from generation F1 to F4 are subject to endangered species laws in some countries. Specific housing conditions apply for endangered species in Germany: the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation demands an outdoor enclosure of at least 15 square metres for wild cats and their direct offspring. In many US-states and Australia they are even banned entirely. After all, the comportment of F1 and F2 generation Bengal cats is very different from that of tame domestic cats! A breeder who works with Bengal cats from an early generation must be able to offer their cats species-appropriate housing conditions.

From later generations, the character of the Bengal cat is similar to that of other more active cat breeds without wild cat blood. Even the housing of hybrid cats from this point onwards is only slightly different from the species-appropriate housing of other energetic cats. A secured outdoor area or balcony with lots of scope to playclimbscratch and hide away is ideal to ensure that Bengal cats can meet their activity requirements. Keep the Bengal’s environment varied and always offer new sources of stimulation. A water bowl on the balcony? A little table in a secured outdoor area? Let your imagination run wild! After a few weeks with a Bengal, clicker and target-training will have become familiar concepts… Intelligence toys and mental games are a real hit with the Bengal, you can even take a look at the products on offer for dogs. Since Bengal cats love water, a large flat water bowl is ideal for fun and games. Keep it outside in the summer and in the bathroom when it gets chilly!

Housing a Bengal can prove highly demanding for cat lovers used to more tranquil breeds. But the Bengal is an intelligent and docile breed, so it’s actually really fun to take on the challenge!


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