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Lucy is a lovely Silver Charcoal female. She was conceived in the month of February,in Moscow. We are pleased to see this female join our reproducing program. So as to fulfill our clients and since we have an extraordinary interest for Silver sort Bengals, it is significant for us to create all the more great silver little cats.

Lucy has a truely adoring character. She is extremely solid and is most likely our biggest female. She has stunning green eyes and extremely differentiating designs. Lucy produce brown, silvers, charcoal, snows and melanistic little cats. bay of bengal bay of bengal.

That’s enough on the history of the Bengal, so very different to the origin of many other pedigree cats. Now, just what does a hybrid cat look like?

As a hybrid breed, Bengal cats are often larger than domestic cats. These supple but athletic cats weigh up to 7kg and can reach up to 70cm in height. The Bengal’s strong bodies are supported by long, muscular legs, whilst the head proves relatively small and is dominated by high cheekbones and large almond-shaped eyes, which are usually green or blue. The ears are small with rounded tips but have a wide base. bay of bengal

The Bengal’s ‘wild’ markings prove most striking of all. With large spots, rosettes, a lighter stomach and striped front legs, they look very similar to their wild ancestors. The Bengal’s looks have won it many fans! Bengals exist in the basic colours orange, gold, dark yellow and sand, often with ‘glitter’ too. The markings marbled and spotted are acknowledged.

Marbled: Marbled recalls the ‘tabby’ markings of other cat breeds. However, the Bengal’s markings should bring to mind a domestic cat as little as possible.

Spotted: The spotted fur markings are highly sought-after, since the large spots and flecks of spotted Bengals are similar to those of wild leopard cats. Bicolour flecks (rosetted) are differentiated from monocolour flecks.

‘Sparbled’: Markings that are neither marbled nor rosetted are described as ‘sparbled’. However, these fur markings are not officially recognised.

The chin, chest, stomach and legs can be in basic colours from cream to white, acting as a contrast to the colouring of the back and sides. The eyes, lips and nose are ideally surrounded by narrow black lines. It’s not just the Bengal cat’s primordial appearance that evokes the touch of wild cat blood that makes this breed so special!

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