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ginger bengal kitten Oscar is a very good kitten. Born in difficulties, but came to our rescue weeks apart and have grown up since he was just a few weeks old. His bond is just as deep as true companions are. Oscar (the moo kitty) is a cuddle bug and loves to nuzzle in your neck. Also, he is the class clown and always looking to be the center of attention and life of the party. THe can play, eat, cuddle and groom each other all the time and Oscar looks after his surrounding like any big cat does. He can get along great with other cats and are litter box and scratching post trained. If you’re looking to fill your home with lots of love, why not consider Oscar.

I’m a very sweet docile kitty that has the spirit of an old soul. I love to nuzzle in human’s neck and will melt like butter in your arms as you stroke my silky fur. I love to play and chase the other kitties, but I also love to just curl up in a nice soft kitty bed. I’m potty trained and love to stretch using scratching posts. If you’re looking for a sweet old souls to melt your heart, look no further, cause I’m the girl for you. ginger bengal kitten


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