We ship all over the US, Canada and Internationally.  As a breeder  licensed to be able to ship Bengals internationally, We have experience with shipping kittens to Canada, South Korea, China, Europe, Malaysia and the US.

Once we confirmed payment from clients, we will process all necessary documents and register your kitten for transportation to an airport location closest to the receiver for pickup. The day and time will depend primarily on the flight availability. After successful registration of the kitten for transportation, you will be contacted. 

  • We can also arrange for a home delivery (kitten is drop shipped and delivered to your doorstep), meaning you will not need to go to the airport for pickup. The Delivery Company will deliver your kitten to your doorstep from the airport. Upon arrival at airport location, they will notify you and proceed with delivering your kitten to your home address (doorstep delivery). However, this is very stress-free and will cost you an extra $50.

Your Kitten Travels Safely, direct from White Bengal Cattery to you. 

 Your Bengal’s safe flight to your location is 100% guaranteed. The cat is transported and delivered with the best of care and attention offered by the shipping company and Pet Nanny Service. They will make sure your Bengal cat gets the best transportation conditions and treatment, ensuring the cat gets to new owner in perfect health state.

Shipping and air deliveries are available. Your Bengal Cat is delivered (shipped) on the agreed date once the full purchase price is paid. Shipping will be done only after completed payment.

NOTE:   It is required by law that ALL BENGALS shipped within the US come from a breeder with a USDA License (or actively in pursuit of one). The minimum cost of shipping our Bengal kittens is $250 depending on where you are located and there is also a home delivery (kitten is drop shipped and delivered to your doorstep) which is available at a cost $50. 

Our kittens are shipped Nationwide and Internationally. Prices vary depending on location and are additional to the cost of your cat/kitten. A carrier fee is Included as well. Other fees may be incurred depending on shipping arrangements made. All costs will be determined at the time of adoption. Delivery will be included in sale price of bengal cat!!!

With our experience in shipping our cats, we know for a fact that all kittens are always well-taken care upon transit to their new owners. We have only had a couple of incidences where some of our Bengal kittens had delayed flights or had some minor problems due to a long flight. Measures have been taken to ensure our kittens are transported in the best and most favorable conditions so they get to their new owners in perfect health state.

How It Works

  1. We will ship to major airports from California International Airport.
  2. Yes, this is a cost you cover to acquire your new kitten.
  3. This cost will usually run average $XXX to $XXX in many parts of the US if shipping cargo. If shipping counter to counter expect to pay a higher price. Counter to counter is generally $XX more than cargo. Both cargo & counter to counter are essentially the same with exception to where you pick up the kitten, at the arrivals terminal or at the aiport cargo facility. I almost always ship cargo. We have never had a cat have a problem during shipping.
  4. Prior to shipping your Bengal kitten, We will have accepted full payment for the kitten. All kittens will be thoroughly checked by my vet prior to shipping your Bengal kitten. You will have a written agreement that insures you of your purchase rights.

We ship often and can assure you that this is not overtly stressful on kittens or adults. Responsible airlines are quite careful to only ship on days the the climate will not be adverse such as hot or cold days.

Worldwide & International Shipping

International Travel and Shipping is available.   We are licensed with the USFW for shipping Bengals out of the US (which is a requirement along with a requirement for inspection and pedigree approval in some entry points).  We have a close working relationship my local NW USFW office and have never had a single cat refused entry into the US or departure from the US in my region.  We have sent kittens to South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Australia, Europe and Canada and more locations.

​Travel out of the country can be very time consuming as it requires additional vet visits, paperwork, phone and travel preparation, USDA in Olympia, keeping cats/kittens longer than local and US sales, stress, etc.  I do charge more for these cats and kittens but once we have established our positive experiences with one another, I will gladly discount these extra fees and in some cases cancel them.

​Keep in mind that We enjoy working with Breeders willing and able to show our Best Cats in their countries as it helps our reputation – If you happen to live in a country with easy access to many cat shows, there may be additional price concessions that We are able to make for you!