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white bengal cat for sale

Snow White Bengal Cat for Sale – white bengal kittens

Snow Bengals, White Bengal Cat Blue Eyes are divided into three different colors, Seal Lynx, Mink, and Sepia. 

Seal Lynx Point (SLP) is the lightest, they are most often born completely white and their pattern develops as they get older. As adults they can have a background color that is white to cream colored and pale to medium colored rosettes. White Bengal Cat for Sale, snow White Bengal Cat for Sale, white, bengal blue eyes, white bengal kittens for sale, white bengal kitten. They typically have darker markings at the points (head, feet, tail) and darken in cooler climates. Seal Lynx have blue eyes, White Bengal Cat Blue Eyes.

White Bengal Cat Blue Eyes

Mink are born with a visible pattern. As adults they can have a light cream to light tan background color with light to medium tan colored rosettes. Mink Bengals have Aqua colored eyes. Below are some pictures of our mink girl Latte from newborn to almost 4 years old, she is quite dark for a mink. (First two Photos courtesy of BoydsBengals) The second set of photos is of another mink girl at just 4 months old (and 6 months old in the last photo), our future queen Aria. 

Sepia look similar to mink at a young age, but as adults closely resemble brown Bengals except that the background and marking color is usually slightly lighter. Sepia Bengals have green to gold colored eyes. We do not have Sepia colored Bengals here at Wildrose Bengals.

White Bengal Kittens for sale Online

The snow lynx Bengal cat

The snow lynx Bengal cat, White Bengal Cat Blue Eyes, also known as seal lynx point, has the closest to white color among the 3 snow variants. He is recognized from birth because he is completely white, and it is often difficult to see his markings. As he gets older, his coat will acquire more and more of contrast until the age of 2.

The color of the snow lynx adult Bengal cat is usually a warm white between white and cream. It is the only one of all the Bengal cat colors to have blue eyes. Also, he will have red eyes if you take a picture of him with a flash!

The snow sepia Bengal cat – snow white bengal cat for sale

The snow sepia Bengal cat, White Bengal Kittens for sale Online also known as seal sepia, has the darkest color of the 3 snow variants. With a greater contrast than the snow lynx Bengal cat, you can see his markings at birth.

In adulthood, the markings of the snow sepia Bengal cat are practically brown, which makes him resemble the brown Bengal but with a lighter background and coat.

The snow mink Bengal cat – White Bengal Kittens for sale Online

The snow mink Bengal cat is also known as a seal mink Bengal, snow white bengal cat for sale . He is the combination of a snow lynx and a snow sepia because he has received a copy of the 2 genes.

The silver snow Bengal cat

A silver snow Bengal cat is simply a snow that has also received the silver gene. The silver gene hides the warm colors so the silver snow Bengal cat will be a little colder in coloring than the snow. For example, the silver snow lynx will be whiter-gray than cream-white. Usually, we notice a bigger difference as the cat grows.

The snow charcoal Bengal cat

The difference between a snow and a snow charcoal Bengal is striking! The snow charcoal Bengal cat is darker and has “Zorro markings” resembling a mask as well as a darker cape on his back. These unique traits come from the charcoal gene and can vary in intensity depending on each Bengal cat.

The color also varies depending on whether the cat is snow lynx, mink or sepia charcoal, the charcoal snow lynx being the lightest and the sepia charcoal the darkest. Generally, the snow lynx charcoal Bengal cat is born almost white, and like his fellow charcoal mink and charcoal sepia, he will develop darker markings as he grows.